Commercial Buildings

In the commercial steel building industry, steel buildings are used for a variety of purposes and come in many different sizes. Houston Crane Buildings We specialize in industrial crane buildings. Crane buildings are engineered steel buildings designed directly for the crane system.

Steel Building Erection

As the top company for Houston Steel Building Erection,We provide the best quality commercial steel building erection at the best price

Residential Metal Building

We are the perfect solution. We can assist you in the personal customization of your next steel barn building.

Building Re-skinning

The practice of ‘reskinning’ exteriors of aging infrastructure can help retrofit entire cities to be ‘more efficient’ and ‘more beautiful,’
When you think about prefabricated buildings, well you probably think of steel buildings. You think of a box type rigid structure, essentially a warehouse.
If that is how you see steel buildings, you would not be wrong. Steel buildings are often used for commercial warehouses. Many do have rigid lines and could be considered bland (we will discuss this later).
The exciting part about the steel buildings industry is that metal buildings are evolving. Maybe redesigned is a better description. Metal buildings can now incorporate glass, wood, stucco, brick, stone, or a nifty combination of any of them. If you can think of it, you can essentially design it using a steel building system. It is now possible to design metal buildings to be aesthetically pleasing. They can also be completely customized to your individual taste. As a matter of fact, you most likely see steel buildings all the time and don’t even realize they are actually engineered metal buildings.
Welcome to the new era of steel buildings where they are now stylish while keeping all of the advantages of a typical metal building. Those advantage include:

Faster Construction

With metal buildings, construction and erection is a breeze. You can cut weeks off your construction time with one of our steel building kits. And we all know that saving time means saving money.

Lower Life-Cycle Costs

With our metal buildings kits, you not only get the durability of steel, you get superior paint warranties. Stronger materials and longer warranties equal less cost over the lifetime of you structure.

Design Flexibility

Don't forget, metal buildings can now be aesthetically pleasing. Rather you are planning for future expansions, or desiring something that stands out, we assist you in designing a building to meet your specific needs.

Strength and Durability

Think steel - it's durable and long lasting. Our metal building systems are built to last and up to any IBC wind rating in the country. With our steel building kits, you can be sure that your building will withstand harsh weather conditions while putting up a no occupancy sign to termites, they will avoid it like a plague.

Low Maintenance

Our long warranty for paint and structure will leave you with many years of carefree maintenance. Our colors don't fade and our buildings to shift. Energy Efficiency Worried about energy efficiency? Well not to worry at all. Our metal buildings can easily be insulated with fiberglass, rigid board, or even blown-in insulation. Our paint also has a special mixture of heat reflection properties. Keep our buildings cool in Summer and warm in the Winter is a breeze and cost efficient.

Environmentally Friendly

Care about the environment? Our buildings systems are produced from material that are 99% recyclable. We care about the earth and are able to enhance with our beautiful metal buildings while leaving a small carbon footprint.

Cost Savings

All together as a package, fast construction, extreme durability, carefree maintenance, and complete customization to meet your desires - means that our buildings systems are the perfect choice for your future structure and you wallet.